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The Greatest Exercise On The Planet - The Deadlift 



Check out the monster Eddie Hall pulling an incredible and inhuman world record deadlift of 462kg (1018.5 lbs) in the link below:


Dead Lifts Description And Introduction


Deadlifts - Anyone who includes this unstoppable force of exercise in their training programme knows the mind blowing results it can produce when performed right and executed with perfect technique alongside a smart fitness regime. For an exercise that uses around 21 muscles in the body, try to do it properly (and that goes for all reps during each set people). Sadly too many people in the gym are performing this lift with sloppy and highly dangerous form, the most common being the rounded back approach (1 way ticket to snap city) and then there's just the typical too heavy technique which looks similar to a squirrel having a seizure. It all comes down to practice and patience, knowing what your actually doing and having guidance throughout the different parts of the lift if your unsure. It's just too easy to pick a bar up and keep reppin’ it, but if your looking to master your technique and this goes for all exercises, educate yourself and take your time with it.



Here's some Key points that I always keep in mind: 


•Chest high in the sky 

•ScapulaI back and keep it right

•Drive heels through the floor 

•Keep arms locked straight at all times 

•Sit that ass back from the start 

•Keep a neutral spine 

•Aim to keep perfect alignment in spine throughout the lift 

•Drive powerfully with hips 

•Squeeze that ass!



Practise makes perfect - Keep your body tight, drive your heels through the ground and maintain perfect alignement throughout your spine. Keep your chest high and drive your hips through the barbell when it passes your shins to lock out the movement.



The Benefits Of Dead Lifts


Deadlifting is a beautiful exercise if performed correctly, it can help the skinniest of skinny guys pack on slabs on brawn faster than any other exercise. The great deadlift also has an array of other health and fitness benefits in which I will list below.


Here are my top 10 favourite benefits from deadlifting:


1. Can Dramatically Increase Muscle Mass

2. Helps To Decrease Body Fat

3. Can Provide You With Herculean Strength Over Time

4. Improves Your Posture

5. Dead Lifts Are A Total Body Exercise

6. Improves Your Grip Strength

7. Increases Your Natural Hormones - Testosterone And Growth Hormone

8. Can Help Prevent Injury

9. Deadlifting Is Cheap And Easy - All You Need Is A Barbell And Some Weight Plated

10. Increases Your Cardio-Vascular Fitness - High Reps With This Exercise Is Great


200kg Deadlift - New Personal Best!

After slowly building my deadlift back up after a knee injury. Things are looking good! New PB of 200kg and rising! Facebook: #Coaching #Trainer #Lifestyle #Fitness

A great milestone in the development of any body-builder or power lifter is hitting that 200kg Deadlift status. 


Click the link below to read the rest of the blog on deadlifts:






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